F.E.A.R~Face Everything And Rise

Doing Life Together


Sometimes I feel like I have a an overabundance of thoughts racing in my head but nowhere to get them organized.  For someone with a Type A personality, this can be a real challenge at times.  I began this blog for several reasons. First, for the organization of these really pesky thoughts I mentioned, second, I was reminded in church that distractions can have a very negative impact on yourself and others around you so I chose a more positive distraction that lastly, may or may not help other people who have found themselves looking for answers they may not even know they have questions about.  I do not proclaim to be this amazing author but I find personally the best advice and knowledge are from those who seem to be ordinary like myself even though I secretly think these individuals are geniuses in their own way. As I mentioned before, I’m just ordinary.  Living in South Central PA, I find myself as a single female, without children, working as a medical social worker and growing in my relationship with God.  See? Just ordinary.  I share the same struggles as many females my age, as many single individuals, as many social workers, and as many faith seekers.  The way I see it, all of us have one life to live so why not do life together? We have pasts, we all have the present and we all have a future.  They may be different so different you are not even sure how to relate sometimes but what I do know is that everyone offers some sort of expertise that may help someone else in some way, shape or form.  This is what this blog is about.  An ordinary person attempting to “do life” with others and sharing the triumphs, the hardships and the “I don’t even know what this is” along the way in hopes it helps others in the same regard.  Please feel free to comment, share your story or vent out your struggles.  There is no judgement here. ♥