It’s March 2017.  To most people it’s that time of year in which winter starts turning into spring and the Irish are celebrated.  To me, it’s a time a year that only a certain population of individuals can understand and relate to.  It’s Social Work Month.

I guess this is my blog dedicated to social workers.  So to my fellow peers, you live a thankless lifestyle (because I know social work is a lifestyle). And you don’t hear it enough: “thank you for your commitment to help me succeed. Thank you for your patience. I appreciate the smile you always bring. I am grateful for the empathy you provide in our interactions. You do an incredible job at making me feel valued as a human and that I matter. Your validation makes me continue to wake up each morning and go about my day with joy.”  Social Workers are the soldiers of life.  Every day can feel like battle in your work. It’s very exhausting. So to you I say: reflect on what is going right – at your agency, with a client, in your personal life – and cherish those thoughts. It is a natural tendency to focus on what needs to improve, what you are not doing well, who you can serve next, but it’s important to spend some time on ourselves. Take a moment (it does not have to be long) and reflect on what you are grateful for.

Keep battling on and remember to take a moment for yourself on a regular basis. Again, I do not say it enough, but thank you for all that you do and for making this community a better place!-Jessie

“We rise by lifting others.”